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Feeling Stuck? 5 easy steps to start exercising today!

Did you recently jump off the scales and gasped, "where did those kilos come from?"

Are you feeling frustrated about your body and ready to give up?

I feel your frustration.

These days, we are flooded with wellness and self-care messages, but they often leave us feeling overwhelmed. After a long journey, I now know a better way to feel good in my own body, and I want to share my story with you.

Last year I weighed myself for fun and, much to my surprise, I realised I was eight kilos heavier than I thought. I hadn't even noticed it happening! I was shocked because my clothes still fitted and I ate quiet well.

I went through the checklist that I use for my patients. First, I ticked off each hormone that could be playing a part. Then I wrote a food diary and asked our dietitian, Jessica, for advice. Then I made adjustments on what I thought were 'healthy foods'.

Nothing was working.

But when I thought about my lifestyle, I realised how sedentary my job was and how inactive I'd become. Despite yoga and regular walks, it turns out, I wasn't doing much cardiovascular activity at all.

Over the years, I'd tried almost every exercise. Zumba, gym, cycling, you name it ..... I even tried No Lights No Lycra which is literally just dancing in the dark. Eventually, I got bored with what was on offer.

Then I stumbled across the book "Spark, the Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain" by Dr John Ratey and it literally changed my life.

I realised where I was going wrong.

It was not the type of exercise, it was my reason for exercising. I made exercise about losing weight and it just wasn't enough to motivate me.

Ratey writes about the power of exercise. He explains the mind-body connection and how elevating heart rates through aerobic exercise can remodel our brains, change brain chemistry and make us feel awesome!

The book is filled with amazing case studies that will change foreever the way you think about exercise.

After reading it, I started making exercise about my mental health, not my weight. Moving soon became about feeling great, starting the day with a smile and having energy to do the things I loved.

Exercise is a necessity, not a choice.

But hey, "Where do I even start?", you might be wondering.

Don't worry, I got you covered. Here is a step-by-step guide to keep up the motivation and get moving, positive vibes only.
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Change the word exercise to movement and ask yourself: "Have I moved today?". This will help you look at moving as a natural part of your life rather than a chore.


Start any new activity by doing it for just 2 minutes. Go on, try it for 2 minutes, I challenge you. I know you can do it.


Walk to the shops. Get some fresh air in your lunch break. Go for a walk around the block. Take the stairs rather than the escalator. Turn the radio on at home and dance for 30 minutes. Make it fun!


We love to know how we are doing. Devices that record our activity levels are extremely motivational, so don't underestimate their power. Try reaching 10,000 steps a day.


We need to feel something pleasurable after adopting a new habit in order to keep going. Find what works for you, maybe a scented bath or a new avocado face mask. But try to avoid using food as a reward!

We, as humans, need to move.

It's more than weight control, it's stress and mood management, it's doing more of the things we love and staying well for longer, it's regulating our general well-being.

Exercise is personal and you need to find your own flow. Remember that each person is unique when it comes to weight loss, and this is why a personalised program is essential for us to start seeing results and feeling better.

I hope you find your way, as I found mine. Good luck and keep moving!